To date, Mark has developed over £1.9 billion-worth of renewable energy projects. He was a pioneer in the UK wind and solar sectors through his businesses Wind Energy Ltd and Low Carbon Developers Ltd.

Wind Energy Ltd, when sold to US power company AES, was the largest independent developer of wind farms in Scotland.

By the time he withdraws from Low Carbon Developers, he had built out 25% of all ground-mounted UK solar farms.

Low Carbon Investors, Mark’s fund management business set up one of the first UK solar roof funds, the Low Carbon Downing solar VCT. In 2012 he founded Shire Oak Energy.

Tidal Lagoon Power, the first company incubated by Shire Oak Energy, has consented to the 320 MW Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon and is developing five further larger-scale tidal lagoons to a total of 9,800 MW of installed capacity across three jurisdictions.

In 2018, Mark established Shire Oak International, a leading international developer and financier of renewable energy solutions. The firm focuses on Asia, especially in Vietnam, with a pipeline of 2.1GW+ of solar energy capacity.