Mark Shorrock CEO が設立:

  • Wind Energy Ltd (2002) :スコットランドで独立系のトップ風力発電ファームを設立。967MWのプロジェクトまで成長させ、その後、 2006年に米国の電力会社のAESに売却。
  • Low Carbon Investorsスポンサー、ファンドマネージャーとして、Low Carbon Accelerator、スペイン初のソーラーファンド – Low Carbon Spanish Solar Fund、屋根置き型太陽光発電のLow Carbon Downing Solar VCTなどに、プロジェクトスタート時から参画 (2006- 2010)。
  • 2010年にLow Carbon Groupとなり、現在は700MW以上の施設をオランダの電力会社Vitol Energyと共同開発し、5億ポンドを超える資本を再生可能エネルギーインフラとして展開。
  • Shire Oak Energy (2012) :英国最大のメガソーラー発電所を開発:West Raynham (49.9 MW)。
  • Tidal Lagoon Power (2012)ウェールズのスワンシー湾にて最初の潮汐発電所を設立。
  • Shire Oak International (2018)世界有数の国際開発兼投資会社で、世界的な再生可能エネルギーへの移行を推し進める。アジア、特にベトナムにおいて2.1GWを上回る太陽光発電量を開発。




風力発電 - 967 MW

水力発電 - 320 MW


太陽光発電 - 365 MW



Shire Oak Internationalは、ベトナムでの太陽光発電プロジェクトを広範囲に展開しています。各地で企業や教育機関と協力し、現在では約6億5,000万ドルの資金を投入し、650MWの屋根置き型太陽光発電設備を全国に建設しています。

設立:2019年 夏


Shire Oak Internationalが提供する中心となるものは、持続的な成長です。












Mark Shorrockが、次のビデオで私達のビジョンを説明します。

Mark Shorrock, Founder & CEO


起業家精神とアジャイル管理は、私達経営手法を担っています。Shire Oak Internationalの経営幹部は、長年の経験と国際的な専門知識を兼ね備えています。

Mark Shorrock
Mark Shorrock

To date, Mark has developed over £1.9 billion-worth of renewable energy projects. He was a pioneer in the UK wind and solar sectors through his businesses Wind Energy Ltd and Low Carbon Developers Ltd.

Wind Energy Ltd, when sold to US power company AES, was the largest independent developer of wind farms in Scotland.

By the time he withdraws from Low Carbon Developers, he had built out 25% of all ground-mounted UK solar farms.

Low Carbon Investors, Mark’s fund management business set up one of the first UK solar roof funds, the Low Carbon Downing solar VCT. In 2012 he founded Shire Oak Energy.

Tidal Lagoon Power, the first company incubated by Shire Oak Energy, has consented to the 320 MW Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon and is developing five further larger-scale tidal lagoons to a total of 9,800 MW of installed capacity across three jurisdictions.

In 2018, Mark established Shire Oak International, a leading international developer and financier of renewable energy solutions. The firm focuses on Asia, especially in Vietnam, with a pipeline of 2.1GW+ of solar energy capacity.

Mike Edge
Mike Edge
Chief Investment Officer

Mike is a renewable energy expert with over 12 years of experience in financial structuring, project optimisation, commercial negotiation and fundraising in the low carbon sector. He has worked across markets, technologies and the full development cycle. In Vietnam, Mike heads up the Transaction Team which has responsibility for setting commercial and legal terms, structuring deals and funding all of Shire Oak’s rooftop solar projects. As Head of Finance across the Shire Oak group, he is also responsible for structuring and optimising deals brought forward by the development teams in other locations. Mike studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Nhon Nguyen
Nhon Nguyen

Nhon has been working in Energy industry since 1994,  started with oil and gas engineering as the role of sales and project development. Since 1999, he returned to support his parent’s business in backup power and biogas power generation as well as others engineering service related to conventional sources.

After pursued Ph.D. degree in 2002, he’s been working internationally in Israel, China, ASEAN countries as a business developer and project manager in the field of energy and related. Renewable Energy became more attention in the World in the 2010s, He’s returned Vietnam market and focusing on investment, developing renewable energy. Nhon has a special passion for Energy physical and unphysical, which made me keep studying for Postdoctoral. All of that are applying these to his business and research activities.

Nhon is working part-time as an international energy expert for AlphaSight, BCG, On Frontier station in Vietnam, he is also the contracted trainer of PetroVietnam and EVN group since 2015.

Son Bui
Son Bui

Son holds an International Master of Management degree from Audencia Management School in France & an MBA degree from CFVG Vietnam. Son has more than 10-year-experience working in the strategic sales and marketing positions focused in B2B & B2C sectors in retail & FMCG industry. He has strong analytical skills & good creativity which help him manage & inspire multiple teams to achieve great results. His valuable expertise also reflects in outstanding communication and interpersonal skills which facilitate him to carry out plenty of business coach and life coach sessions.

Virginie De Jongh
Virginie De Jongh

Virginie brings over 10 years of project development and management across several industries. From start-ups, multinationals to non-profits, her experience has led her to set-up factories with Volvo CE in China, implement new processes for SkyTeam at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), and manage the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Virginie studied Business Management at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium and now leads the Customer Success Team in Vietnam.

Miguel A. Ferrer
Miguel A. Ferrer

Miguel A. Ferrer is our Sales & Operations Director and leads our strategic, channel and sector sales. Miguel has a PhD in management and an MSc in Economics and has over 25-year experience working in France, Belgium and China. Miguel has a track record of leading and managing large teams in different parts of the world in business planning and project management. He has successfully delivered many schemes within a broad range of industries including Manufacturing, Telecoms, Agriculture and Oil & Gas.

Pete Davies
Pete Davies

Pete is a chartered accountant and trained with KPMG in the UK becoming a divisional financial controller within Thorn EMI. . He was director of consulting for the Balkan region with Deloitte Central Europe specializing in activity based costing and process re-engineering and moved to Vietnam in 2008. In Vietnam he has been head of risk and internal audit and later chief financial officer for Vietnams largest independent beverage company and had two years as consulting director with PwC specializing in fraud detection and prevention using analytics.

Qui Vo
Qui Vo

Qui’s background in Mechanical and Electrical (MEP) Engineering, with 16-year experience in leadership and project management, Qui’s role at Shire Oak is to Lead, Manage, and Coordinate all phases of Shire Oak’s Engineering activities from presale support through project closeout. Qui, the Head of Engineering, shall contribute to securing quality assurance and quality control for the Engineering team’s tasks including EPC onboarding due diligence, presale support, procurement/ project acquisition, solar PV design, solar electrical design, solar structure roof analysis, and roof structural design, solar construction management, Health & safety management, project operation, and maintenance. Qui’s role also includes developing a high-performing Engineering team through supervision, training, coaching, and mentoring.