We are a leading
renewable energy investor
in the UK, Europe and Vietnam

Leading UK renewable energy developer – The CEO, Mark Shorrock, founded:

  • Wind Energy Ltd (2002): A leading independent developer of wind farms in Scotland. It was acquired by AES in 2006 with a portfolio of 967MW in development.
  • Low Carbon Investors: The sponsor and fund manager of very early stage incubators including the Low Carbon Accelerator – the first Spanish solar fund, the Low Carbon Spanish Solar fund, and the Low Carbon Downing solar VCT for rooftop solar (2006 – 2010).
  • Low Carbon became Low Carbon Group in (2010), which is now the renewable partner of Vitol Energy and enabled the deployment of more than £500 million in capital into renewable infrastructure with more than 700MW already developed.
  • Shire Oak Energy (2012): Developed of the largest solar farm in the UK to date: West Raynham (49.9MW).
  • Tidal Lagoon Power (2012): first-of-a-kind tidal lagoon to be situated in Swansea Bay, Wales, and identified a fleet of lagoons across the British Isles.
  • Shire Oak International (2018): A leading international developer and financier, accelerating the global transition to renewable energy solutions. Focuses on Asia, especially in Vietnam with 2.1GW+ of solar energy capacity.

Consented renewable projects portfolio: Total value USD $2.49 bn

-> Our core mission is to be a global pathfinder in devising, implementing and spreading renewable energy solutions to drive transformational change in the rate of adoption of renewable energy in the developing world.


Wind - 967 MW

Tidal - 320 MW


Solar - 365 MW


With a rapidly expanding economy, Vietnam has a requirement for over 6,000MW of new power every year while the government has pledged to reduce annual GHG carbon emissions at least 8% by 2030.

Here, Shire Oak International is developing a broad portfolio of solar energy projects across the country. By working with corporates and educational establishments across the region, we are currently deploying circa US $650 million of equity funding to build out 650MW of Vietnamese rooftop solar installations.

Start of operations: Summer 2019
Business focus: Developing a portfolio of solar energy projects across Vietnam to meet the fast-growing demand of its emerging economy
Current team size: 60+
Broad international expertise
Number of nationalities: 11
Current transaction pipeline: 720 projects and growing
Main industries: Furniture, Garments & Shoes, Steel, Logistics, Agriculture, Food Processing, Plastic & Rubber

Our Vision

Sustainable growth is at the heart of Shire Oak International’s offering. Our business approach is characterised by the following aims:


Acknowledge the need for a new business approach & way of thinking


Reconcile legitimate business interests with sustainable development


Accelerate the global transition to renewable energy


Help our host countries & companies achieve their sustainability targets


Support the preservation of our natural world

Meet The Senior Team

Entrepreneurial spirit and agile management are at the core of our business approach. The Shire Oak International senior team combines long-standing experience with international expertise.

Miguel A. Ferrer
Miguel A. Ferrer

Miguel A. Ferrer is our Sales & Operations Director and leads our strategic, channel and sector sales. Miguel has a PhD in management and an MSc in Economics and has over 25-year experience working in France, Belgium and China. Miguel has a track record of leading and managing large teams in different parts of the world in business planning and project management. He has successfully delivered many schemes within a broad range of industries including Manufacturing, Telecoms, Agriculture and Oil & Gas.

Mike Edge
Mike Edge
Chief Investment Officer

Mike is a renewable energy expert with over 12 years of experience in financial structuring, project optimisation, commercial negotiation and fundraising in the low carbon sector. He has worked across markets, technologies and the full development cycle. In Vietnam, Mike heads up the Transaction Team which has responsibility for setting commercial and legal terms, structuring deals and funding all of Shire Oak’s rooftop solar projects. As Head of Finance across the Shire Oak group, he is also responsible for structuring and optimising deals brought forward by the development teams in other locations. Mike studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Nhon Nguyen
Nhon Nguyen

Nhon has been working in Energy industry since 1994,  started with oil and gas engineering as the role of sales and project development. Since 1999, he returned to support his parent’s business in backup power and biogas power generation as well as others engineering service related to conventional sources.

After pursued Ph.D. degree in 2002, he’s been working internationally in Israel, China, ASEAN countries as a business developer and project manager in the field of energy and related. Renewable Energy became more attention in the World in the 2010s, He’s returned Vietnam market and focusing on investment, developing renewable energy. Nhon has a special passion for Energy physical and unphysical, which made me keep studying for Postdoctoral. All of that are applying these to his business and research activities.

Nhon is working part-time as an international energy expert for AlphaSight, BCG, On Frontier station in Vietnam, he is also the contracted trainer of PetroVietnam and EVN group since 2015.

Pete Davies
Pete Davies

Pete is a chartered accountant and trained with KPMG in the UK becoming a divisional financial controller within Thorn EMI. . He was director of consulting for the Balkan region with Deloitte Central Europe specializing in activity based costing and process re-engineering and moved to Vietnam in 2008. In Vietnam he has been head of risk and internal audit and later chief financial officer for Vietnams largest independent beverage company and had two years as consulting director with PwC specializing in fraud detection and prevention using analytics.

Son Bui
Son Bui

Son holds an International Master of Management degree from Audencia Management School in France & an MBA degree from CFVG Vietnam. Son has more than 10-year-experience working in the strategic sales and marketing positions focused in B2B & B2C sectors in retail & FMCG industry. He has strong analytical skills & good creativity which help him manage & inspire multiple teams to achieve great results. His valuable expertise also reflects in outstanding communication and interpersonal skills which facilitate him to carry out plenty of business coach and life coach sessions.