FAQs about I-REC


Does solar affect my admin workload?

During maintenance SOI team is working mostly with 3 different departments from the clients:​

HR / security team to register the entrance at the factory during maintenance activities or during meter recording. Note the maintenance activities are not intrusive, the maintenance team only need to access the roof and the inverter station (and in some unusual case the electrical room of factory)​

Accountant for the invoice: electricity invoice soga to client, rooftop rental invoice from client to soga (if applicable) in a similar process than EVN​

Technical team for any technical issue solving

What is SOGA insurance policy?

SOGA insurance policy includes: ​

All risk insurance with the compulsory fire and explosion insurance and Business interruption for SOI company​

Third party liability insurance up to 2M USD to cover the client

How do SOI prevent fire accident?

On the technical point of view: Design, choice of equipment, construction survey, quarterly inspection (PV panels, DC cables, inverters) and semi-annual audit with thermal inspection by drone​

On the asset management point of view: insurance policy mentioned above

Do you provide any training?

If requested by the client, Asset management team can setup training on the solar system and display data of the system at the client factory (no extra cost, as long as the client provide a smart TV and internet connection).​