Nhon has been working in Energy industry since 1994,  started with oil and gas engineering as the role of sales and project development. Since 1999, he returned to support his parent’s business in backup power and biogas power generation as well as others engineering service related to conventional sources.

After pursued Ph.D. degree in 2002, he’s been working internationally in Israel, China, ASEAN countries as a business developer and project manager in the field of energy and related. Renewable Energy became more attention in the World in the 2010s, He’s returned Vietnam market and focusing on investment, developing renewable energy. Nhon has a special passion for Energy physical and unphysical, which made me keep studying for Postdoctoral. All of that are applying these to his business and research activities.

Nhon is working part-time as an international energy expert for AlphaSight, BCG, On Frontier station in Vietnam, he is also the contracted trainer of PetroVietnam and EVN group since 2015.