Project Description


In 2013, Garzitto established a business unit in Binh Duong, Vietnam dedicated to making paper shoe fillers with recycled paper. They sell shoe fillers to the production facilities of numerous footwear brands. Acknowledging that environmental conservation is an imperative social trend, Garzitto is committed to fulfilling our obligations toward the environment. Garzitto has cooperated with Shire Oak International to install and operate a 1,078-kWp rooftop solar system to generate green electricity.

Garzitto PROJECT

PV System Profile | 1,078 kWp 

Location: Binh Duong province, Vietnam
Operator: Shire Oak International
COD: 13/4/2021
PV system power: 1,078 kWp
Annual Production: Approx. 1,632,000 kWh
CO2 avoided : Aprrox. 1,490 tons per annum