To promote the development of renewable energy sources, especially solar energy, the energy source is assessed as having potential in Vietnam, on the morning of 1/6/2020, in Hanoi, Co., Ltd. DKNEC Electrical Automation and Vietnam Holdings Smart Energy Joint Stock Company signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Shire Oak International Investment Fund to invest in developing rooftop solar (Solar Rooftop) in Viet Nam.

Attending the signing ceremony, there was Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Hien – General Director of DKNEC Automation Measurement Electrical Mechanical Company Limited; representative of Vietnam Smart Energy Holdings Corporation. On the project implementation side, there was Mr. Dinh Duc Anh – General Director of NFV M&A Group.

From Shire Oak International Investment Fund, there are Mr. Borries Plass – Managing Director of the Fund; Mr. Le Quang Minh – Sales Director, rooftop solar power sector; Mr. Nguyen Vu Minh Thuan – Business Director; Ms. Le Hong Anh – Sales Manager.

Shire Oak International Investment Fund (SOI) is one of the experienced investment funds in the field of attic solar power. SOI Investment Fund has successfully developed many renewable energy projects in the world as well as in Vietnam.

At the meeting, the representative of SOI Investment Fund said that rooftop solar PV, especially for the industrial segment, would be a factor to change the field of renewable energy in Vietnam. Vietnam possesses a large roof area, up to 98,000 hectares in residential areas, industrial enterprises that already have adequate grid infrastructure. This is a very basic advantage and is a very effective solution for investing in rooftop solar battery systems to produce electricity, not only to create electricity for domestic activities and production but also to reduce the cost of developing power transmission lines.

Mr. Dinh Van Hien – General Director of DKNEC Company and Mr. Borries Plass – CEO of Shire Oak International Investment Fund signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement.

Besides, the Government of Vietnam strongly supports and encourages the development of solar projects. The Prime Minister issued Decision No. 02/2019 / QD-TTg dated January 8, 2019, amending and supplementing several articles of Decision No. 11/2017 / QD-TTg dated April 11, 2017, on the mechanism. encourage the development of solar power, in which mobilizing socializing partners to cooperate in developing renewable energy is the solution while bringing economic benefits to investors, contributing to reducing pressure. for the electricity industry, at the same time providing more optimal power options for businesses and people.

According to the representative of SOI Investment Fund, the current power supply in Vietnam depends mainly on coal, hydroelectric, and gas thermal power plants, while the domestic electricity demand is very high, about 6,000 MW each. year. In the immediate future, in 2021, 2022, and 2023 according to SOI’s forecast, Vietnam will have a shortage of about 3.7; 10 and 12 million MWh of electricity. This is not only a big challenge for the electricity industry but also an environmental burden in the context of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is constantly ranked as cities with heavy environmental pollution.

Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Hien – General Director of DKNEC expressed his delight when signing an agreement on cooperation in developing solar rooftop (Solar Rooftop) in Vietnam with SOI Investment Fund, one of the Investment funds with extensive experience developing rooftop solar energy in the world. This cooperation is an important milestone in the development of DKNEC’s rooftop solar projects in the coming years.

General Director of DKNEC committed to working with SOI Investment Fund to disseminate information on the benefits of products on the economy, environment, electricity purchase policy of the state. At the same time, as a pioneer in the field of Automation & Metrology, Automation, DKNEC will join the SOI Investment Fund in providing international standard quality roof voltage products, ensuring high efficiency, durability, stability, and safety for customers as well as the national grid.

The General Director of DKNEC also thoroughly grasped the company’s staff present at the signing ceremony to accelerate the implementation of rooftop solar power projects that the company has agreed to provide to its business partners. industrial production.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on investment in developing solar rooftop (Solar Rooftop) in Vietnam and supplying electricity to EVN.