Mr. Miguel A. Ferrer delivered a speech on: “Race to Zero and how to help C&I sectors in Vietnam to reach their net zero target by 2050”

On July 21, The Dutch Business Association In Vietnam organised a workshop on sustainable solutions, technologies and adaptations from the Netherlands: “Going Green with the Dutch”.

Mr. Miguel took a photo with other guests at the event.
The event took place at Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon

The workshop participants included Mrs. Elsbeth Akkerman, Netherlands Ambassador, Dutch company representatives, etc.
Sustainability development was among ambassador Elsbeth’s focuses during her term in Vietnam. Her sharings and other speakers’ at the workshop gave participants insights on sustainable experience.

The speaker and representative from Shire Oak International was Dr. Miguel A. Ferrer, our Managing Director. We were proud to contribute and share our experience in the rooftop solar industry.