On September 21, the representative of Shire Oak International attended the workshop “The Exchange II Matchmaking Workshop” organised by New Energy Nexus and sponsored by USAID.

Attending the program, the representative of Shire Oak International trained, shared the knowledge and experiences in developing renewable energy projects across Vietnam.

“The Exchange II Matchmaking Workshop” is a part of the Vietnam Energy Innovation Exchange II Program under the Vietnam Urban Energy Security Project. The event includes the participation of: 08 corporate partners, 11 innovative energy startups, 10 Delegates from USAID and USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security (the project), 17 Delegates from other organizations.

This program is designed to promote effective engagement and cooperation between Corporate Partners and Innovative Energy Startups in Vietnam through product application and commercialization.

The workshop “The Exchange II Matchmaking Workshop” objective is to promote the energy solution for Business Partners such as smart clean energy systems, measurement and monitoring issues, operation monitoring, energy saving, access to smart home and smart city concepts, etc. The focus of the workshop was to understand Partners’ energy needs challenges and proposed solutions to address these challenges, with the goal of applying solutions to Enterprise operations. industry, supporting cost reduction, chain optimization and smart and sustainable energy use.

Supporting energy startups to develop the renewable energy industry is one value ​​that Shire Oak International contributes to the society. Therefore, Shire Oak International has worked closely with New Energy Nexus, an international organization dedicated to supporting energy businesses by providing funding, promoting connectivity networking opportunities.

Previously, on 15th September 2022, Shire Oak International representative, Mr Bui An Son, Head of Marketing & PR also participated in a training course on Marketing for these 11 small and medium businesses/startups in the energy industry.