APAC Solar Energy Digital Event 2020, with the first subject centring around the ASEAN region, is the only online virtual event that focusing on the burgeoning solar development in Asia Pacific. APAC Solar Energy Digital Event 2020 will combine with Sponsor showcase, Webinar session, and 1-to-1 Match-Making Online creating a one-stop business matching platform for all industry players to share knowledge, expand business contacts and get rid of the Covid-19 travel restricts.

Unlike a typical webcast or virtual event, APAC Solar Energy Digital Event 2020 is an all-in-one online event platform optimized for connecting, for learning, knowledge sharing, networking, and engaging with all industry and policymakers. 

Shire Oak’s Sales Director, Mr. Long Tran, participated as the main speaker for the topic Transformation and Sustainability: Risks and Rewards, Opportunities and Challenges for the Era of Vietnam Solar 2.0

During Q&A part, he addressed a number of questions regarding the upcoming FIT 3. A viewer wanted to know if SOI had thought of a future without FIT as RTS is mostly for self-consumption purposes, and only the excess power to the grid may enjoy the FIT. Moreover, the viewed wondered if RTS can live on its own through private PPA with the off-taker. To which, he answered:

“You are right that for rooftop application, we wish to have DPPA with the end-users. However, in actuality, not many customers could consume all output energy from the solar system. So, in any case, we need fair FIT to ensure our investment return.”

He also added that, as a renewable developer, Shire Oak has plans for all the scenarios that may happen. There is a risk in everything we do so it is only natural that we take extra precaution.