Hao Canh Porcelain is implementing its first series of Solar Rooftop PPAs in Vietnam.

Hao Canh Porcelain has partnered with Shire Oak International and its strategic partner, PebSteel to install and operate the rooftop solar system project at Tien Hai Industrial Park, Dong Co Commune, Tien Hai District, Thai Binh Province. The project capacity in phase 1 is 1.04 MWp while its capacity in phase 2 is 4.0 MWp. The project can generate 5,865 MWh and offset 4,960 tons of CO2 per year. This amount equals 16,579 trees planted and 45 million scooter km saved. The project implemented plan was agreed upon by these partners in the power purchase agreement signing ceremony on August 16, 2022, in Thai Binh province.

Photo 1 Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nhon (left) and Mr. To Xuan Canh (right) at the signing ceremony

The signing ceremony was witnessed by representatives from Shire Oak International and Hao Canh Porcelain. Sharing about Shire Oak International’s business model, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nhon, Shire Oak international Chief Strategic Director, stated: “Currently, Shire Oak International has operated in many countries around the world and brought renewable solutions to enterprises wanting to switch to green energy. Shire Oak International is currently cooperating with Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park and Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park to develop the eco-industrial park model. Shire Oak International will help businesses install rooftop solar systems, the unused energy can be stored at the energy storage center and used to power the factory when needed.”


Besides rooftop solar systems, Shire Oak International can also provide the biomass energy system to provide the factory with electricity and steam to power its engines, Mr. Nhon shared more.


At the ceremony, Mr. Lưu Quang Minh, Head of Corporate Finance at Shire Oak International also walked everyone through the project implemented plan.


This plan was commented by Mr. To Xuan Canh, Managing Director of Hao Canh Porcelain that the partners would roll it out one step at a time. He also expressed his interest in the biomass model, which suited Hao Canh Porcelain perfectly. 

This initiative from Hao Canh Porcelain proves the determination to offset CO2, develop toward a sustainable direction, and contribute to devising the Vietnam Government’s bold commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

In the same day, Shire Oak International also signed an MoU with the EPC, Japan Green Power

At the provincial level, the sustainable development of Tien Hai industrial park, where Hao Canh Porcelain is located, has always been a focus of Thai Binh authority. Thai Binh authority has developed an energy development plan for Thai Binh Province until 2020 with a vision for the year 2050 with a focus to develop the Tien Hai gas field, Tien Hai industrial zone, Thai Binh economic zone, Thai Binh electricity center area; research and development of natural resources, coal mining and quarrying, coal mining and quarrying in Red River Delta, Thai Binh province.


On the same day, Shire Oak International and Pebsteel also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Japan Green Power (JGP), which is an EPC construction for renewable energy that is interested in developing its presence and participation in the renewable energy market in Vietnam.

About Hao Canh Porcelain


The Company’s manufacturing and trading industries are high-class porcelain sanitary wares, Ceramics tiles, frit glaze, Frui glaze, fine arts porcelain, and color glazes for production. Hao Canh porcelain products are always innovating with modern designs and technologies to keep pace with the constant development of the interiors, construction industries, and consumers’ diverse demands. Apart from the domestic market, the Company’s products show a strong presence in many markets such as Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc. The Company boasts a team of experienced technical experts and skilled workers. With a wide range of materials and machinery for the production and trading of porcelain products domestically and abroad, we always look forward to further discussion to better meet the ever-growing needs of customers and partners.


About Pebsteel


The PEB Group (“PEB Steel”) started its Asia cooperations in 1994. The company is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam with 11 representative offices spanning across South East Asia and the Pakistan region.

PEB Steel specialised in the design, fabrication, and erection of pre-engineered buildings, steel structures for factories, warehouses, showrooms, commercial/trade centers, supermarkets, sport stadiums, exhibition halls, aircraft hangars, etc.

With 7 modern factories, of which 6 are located in Vietnam and 1 in Myanmar, the company’s annual capacity under 1 shift is over 100,000 metric tons of complete Pre-Engineered Buildings, making it one of the largest PEB manufacturers in the region.

With more than 27 years of experience, the company has supplied over 6,000 industrial and commercial projects to customers in more than 50 countries. Customers of PEB Steel are 60% investors, 30% contractors, and 10% consultants.


About Shire Oak International


Shire Oak International is a developer and financier of large-scale renewable energy projects in developing countries and emerging economies. Our team has developed over $2bn of renewable energy projects worldwide. In Vietnam, we are developing a broad portfolio of solar energy projects across the country. By working with corporates and educational establishments across the region, we are currently deploying circa US $450 million of equity funding to build out 650MW of Vietnamese rooftop solar installations.


Shire Oak International and Pebsteel have created a joint venture, PebSolar. PebSolar offers the leading quality pre-engineered buildings powered by solar power generated from the rooftop solar system.



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