On November 4, Shire Oak International Co., Ltd. gathered the money donated by philanthropic individuals to support the flood-stricken people of Central Vietnam. The total amount of VND 24,660,000 has been given to the Education and Times Resident Agency in Ho Chi Minh City, who will carry out charity work.
According to Mr. Tran Ngoc Long – Sales Director of Shire Oak International, this amount of money was donated by the company’s staff in a short time. Through Education and Times Newspaper, the company wants to send their support to the people in Central Vietnam, who have been severely affected by the last flood and storm.
Shire Oak International from the UK operates in the field of renewable energy (Wind, Tide, and Sun). Especially in Vietnam, Shire Oak Company is currently focusing on developing and investing in Rooftop Solar on the roof of the factory and service facilities.

With the environment and people at its center, in addition to promoting sustainable development, the company has participated in many campaigns, activities for the environment and wildlife launched by organizations such as Change, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, etc. In addition, for each solar project implemented, Shire Oak will donate a portion of the profits, corresponding to installed capacity, to assist local communities in protecting the environment and wild animals.
Mr. Tran Ngoc Long shared: “Every year the company spends a certain amount of money for community activities. This year marks the first time the company has participated in volunteering activities initiated by the Education and Times Newspaper. I believe that it is urgent to share the difficulties with the people in the Central at the moment. Hopefully, with the help of us and many other organizations, the people of Central Vietnam will overcome this trial and rebuild their former lives”.
During the last storm and flood, the Office of Education and Times, North Central region has also presented gifts and scholarships to many students in difficult circumstances due to the severe impacts of storms and floods.