On November 12th, 2020, Shire Oak International’s Mark Shorrock joined the GREAT For Partnership reception in Hanoi. The event took place at British Ambassador Gareth Ward’s residence. Mr. Shorrock was joined by Vice Minister of MOIT – Mr. Hoàng Quốc Vượng, Dr. Vũ Tiến Lộc of VCCI (Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry), and Ms. Mai from EREA (Electricity & Renewable energy Authority).

The GREAT For Partnership is a visual pillar for the ASEAN Summit, which focuses on the partnerships between UK companies and the ASEAN Nations. The campaign is focusing on seven key sectors around the Summit, one of these being Renewables. Shire Oak International is proud to be a part of the UK-ASEAN GREAT for Partnership campaign.

As a renewables developer, our core mission is to be a global pathfinder in devising, implementing, and spreading renewable energy solutions to drive transformational change in the rate of adoption of renewable energy in the developing world. The GREAT For Partnership campaign gives us a platform to achieve our goal of rolling out solar energy across the S-shaped country. With Vietnam as the central hub of our regional operations, we will extend our coverage through offices in nearby countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and more in the future.

Some photos of the event: