The Webinar “Vietnam Rooftop Solar: Recording Major Boom 2020 and What’s the Next for 2021?” was held on March 4th. The content of the discussion includes:

– Interpretation of updated Rooftop Solar C&I policies in Vietnam

– Market potential, status, and forecast, impacted by FiT2 or Auction Mechanism

– Deep-dive interpretation of PPAs: financing, projects, and contracts; commercial terms; technical terms; legal terms; issues and solutions

– Prediction of the rooftop solar future policies after 2021, still maintain the FiT scheme, and what’s the expected reduction tariff?

– Vietnam solar market preview, C&I inverter requirements (variety of requirements to meet the flexible demands of C&I projects), advanced application solutions, etc.

Our Sales Director, Mr. Vu Nguyen, attended as a speaker to share his perspectives as a part of a renewables developer company.

We’d like to thanks those who watched the webinar and hope to see you again soon!