Rooftop solar has a distinguished place in the energy market, and the benefits that this technology offers are hard to ignore, especially for manufacturers and large facilities. These include cutting down electricity bills, minimizing impacts on the environment, and many more. Best of all, adopters of rooftop solar can enjoy all these benefits using an existing resource: the surface area of their roofs.

Once you have decided to build your first rooftop installation, there are a few things to bear in mind: regulations, framework reinforcement, sourcing, monitoring, and so on. The initial investment is also high, which certain businesses may wish to bear in mind.

The best way to navigate this space is with the help of a renowned developer. In this article, we will identify what makes a rooftop solar energy provider reliable.

A One-Stop Solution

As mentioned above, there are many things to keep track of in a functional and efficient system. A reliable developer should be capable of delivering the following:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • O&M

Instead of creating further in-house responsibilities, businesses are better off using a single provider to cover everything. This method has the dual benefit of saving on time and resources while improving the performance of the solar plant.

Meticulous with maintenance

Proper operation and maintenance will maximize the efficiency of a solar power plant and extend its life cycle.

Shire Oak International guarantees its clients free and proper maintenance throughout the duration of the contract, ensuring that our systems deliver the promised output. Should any system underperform, our teams are ready to step in so you don’t have to.

Real-Time Monitoring of Systems

Reliable solar energy providers require a sophisticated infrastructure for monitoring system performance and give timely alerts for any issues. Solar systems have no moving parts and utilize low-maintenance equipment, however, it remains of vital importance to closely monitor elements such as cleaning cycles, outages, and performance.

An Extensive Portfolio

Before choosing a solar energy provider, it is important to understand their portfolio. Some developers have experience with small- to medium-scale solar, but struggle with large-scale operations. Conversely, some only work with large projects, not smaller ones. Shire Oak International, for example, has extensive experience with very large-scale projects like solar farms, wind farms and tidal lagoons. Our largest project to date is the West Raynham field, with a capacity of 49.8 MW.

That said, we also firmly support commercial and industrial facilities, including a diverse portfolio of factories throughout Vietnam. Our clients include  Tanifood, BOHO Décor, and many more. You could be next!

Last but not least, ask for references. Don’t believe everything a solar company tells you (irony intended). Always speak with previous clients of the company. Get testimonials and feedback;  these are much more reliable guarantees than a company’s own marketing materials.

Once you have followed these guidelines, installing a solar plant is a simple procedure. It takes a bit of time and management, but thereafter it’s free and works in perfect harmony to the environment (if properly maintained, of course). You might be surprised by all the ways a rooftop solar system can change your business…