HCMC, May 20th, Vina Australia Packaging Labels signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Shire Oak International to develop rooftop solar systems at its factories.

Representatives of Vina Australia Packaging Labels and Shire Oak International at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of Shire Oak International

Shire Oak International will invest 100% of the cost of consultancy, design, materials, and installation of the rooftop solar systems. Electricity generated from these systems will be sold to Vina Australia Packaging Labels with a 19 % discount compared to the EVN price.

There are two systems in the pipeline including a 671 kWp system at Vina Australia Dong Nai (Dong Nai province) and a 363 kWp system at Vina Australia Vinh Loc (HCMC). In total, the two rooftop solar systems are capable of generating 1,556 MWh and reducing 1,315 tons of CO2 per year.

Mr. Lam Chi Thien, Chairman of Vina Australia Packaging Labels, and Dr. Miguel A. Ferrer shared the same view that using renewable energy is a unique selling point to participate in the International playground. Photo courtesy of Shire Oak International

As a leading developer and financier of large-scale renewable energy projects with over 20 years of experience in the UK and many developing nations, Shire Oak International is working to accelerate the transition to renewable energy in Vietnam. They have clients from various industries, labeling and packaging included. With strong experience providing renewable solutions for businesses in this industry, Shire Oak International has crafted the most suitable offers for Vina Australia Packaging Labels.

Commenting on the collaboration between Shire Oak International and Vina Australia Packaging Labels, Dr. Miguel A. Ferrer, Shire Oak International Managing Director said: “It is delighted that Vina Australia Packaging Labels decided to partner with Shire Oak International in order to transition to green energy. Shire Oak International is working hard to make Vietnam a green country, and help Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh implement his bold statement that Vietnam will meet net-zero targets by 2050.”

The two partners are expecting to expand further collaborations. Photo courtesy of Shire Oak International

According to the research by ResearchGate in 2006 about the environmental impact of the packaging industry, different packaging materials pose threats of different levels to the environment including impacting severe areas of exposure, consuming too much energy, and constituting a major risk to the aquatic environment. It is delighted to see that Vina Australia Packaging Labels,  an active business in the labeling and packaging industry is contributing to the environment by reducing CO2 emissions using solar power.

Established on May the 16th 2006, Vina Australia Packaging Labels specialises in providing flexible packaging labels for clients from the beverage industry and brewery industry.

Vina Australia Packaging Labels have many well-known clients. Photo Courtesy of Vina Australia Packaging Labels

Mr. Lam Chi Thien, Executive Chairman of Vina Australia Packaging Labels stated: “There is no question about participating in this particular rooftop solar project. With the discounted rate compared to EVN price, our company can save electricity costs.”

Mr. Lam Chi Thien is also the Executive Chairman of the board of IMC (International Media Corporation), the group controlling well-known TV channels including TodayTV, YouTV, SNTV, RailTV, MTV Việt Nam…

To learn more about Shire Oak International’s renewable projects, please visit: https://shireoakinternational.asia/our-projects/

About Vina Australia Packaging Labels

Vina Australia Packaging Labels is a packaging company, specialising in providing flexible packaging labels for clients from the beverage industry and brewery industry, assisting in the growth of local and global brands.

With over 500 employees and an ambitious experienced professional team, Vina Australia Packaging Labels is now among the 5 biggest players in the field of labeling and packaging.

About Shire Oak International

Shire Oak International is a division of Shire Oak Energy, a UK developer of tidal power and solar power. Founder Mark Shorrock is a highly experienced renewable energy investor and developer, having established pioneering companies Wind Energy and Low Carbon in the UK. The Shire Oak team boasts a combined track record of over 1,000 MWp of solar energy delivered to date, including, at the time, the UK’s largest solar farm at West Raynham Airfield.

Shire Oak International is currently developing just over 3,600MW of projects across the Middle East, South East Asia, Southern Africa, and Latin America, delivering utility-scale field and rooftop solar.

In 2021, Shire Oak International received a joint investment of USD 120 million by Climate Investor One and Norwegian Investment Fund, Norfund to build 200 MWp of rooftop solar power projects. Over the next two years, the target growth portfolio will expand up to 500 MWp in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Vietnam.


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