Did you know?

Three of the five species of rhino are critically endangered, and two have fewer than 80 individuals left. It is a fact that rhino poaching has reached a crisis point, and across the globe, rhino habitat is shrinking. However, all is not lost. We can act together to stop poaching and habitat loss and ultimately save the rhinos from extinction.

In that spirit, Shire Oak International worked with Wilderness Foundation Africa (WFA) to hold a session called “Wild Rhino Virtual Webinar”, which was hosted by Matthew and Christine, managing directors of WFA, with the participation of Mark Shorrock, CEO of Shire Oak International. This webinar is one of the activities under SOI’s Biodiversity Mission, committed to dedicating 1% of our turnover in Vietnam to safeguarding Vietnam’s natural heritage.​

After the event, everyone presented signed a pledge to never consume rhino or wildlife products.

The Wild Rhino campaign is always looking for new opportunities to partner with conservation-minded business people who want to help spread the message about the use of rhino horns and the damaging impact this activity has on wildlife.